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TermLynx and Word Add-in Fundamentals

What is TermLynx?

TermLynx is a Microsoft Word Add-in that leverages NLP and AI to enhance information retrieval tasks in the bespoke contract drafting process.

TermLynx simplifies the drafting and reviewing of contracts without interrupting workflow.

Deployment Overview

There are four ways to deploy TermLynx. Each has benefits and drawbacks.

Deployment methodAdd-in Store AccessOffice 365Multi-user deploymentSupported platform
Add-in storeRequiredRequiredNoWindows, Mac
CentralizedNot-requiredRequiredYesWindows, Mac
TLZInstallerRequiredNot requiredRequires codingWindows only
Side-load (deprecated)Not requiredNot requiredRequires codingWindows only

How to choose

You can use the Add-in store if you only want to install TermLynx for a few users.

You should use centralized deployment if you are an IT administrator and want to deploy TermLynx to multiple Office 365 users.

You can use a TLZInstaller if you want to deploy TermLynx to multiple users without enabling the add-in store or Office 365.

For some small-scale deployments that do not use Office 365, you can use the add-in store on each user individually.

graph TD F[Deploying to a single user] -- Yes ----> STORE[Add-in Store] F -- No --> O365[Our organization uses Office 365] O365 -- Yes ---> Centralized[Centralized Deployment] O365 -- No ---> TLZIsntaller[TLZInstaller]

Microsoft Word desktop client

Office support

TermLynx supports Microsoft Word 2016+ on Windows 7-10. It also supports Microsoft Word on Mac.

How it works

When TermLynx is installed in Microsoft Word desktop, it lives in it's own web view. It communicates with the Microsoft Word client using the Office JS API.

When you activate TermLynx, it will upload the active document to TermLynx's service. Every time the user saves, that document will be re-uploaded. The back-end will then compute changes and update the information on the front-end application.

graph LR BE[TermLynx Web App] --> WV[Web View] WV --> MS[Microsoft Word] MS --> DOC[Word Document]

Activating TermLynx

Microsoft Word

Click on the Activate button from Microsoft Word's home ribbon to activate TermLynx. It will open the pane on the right side of your document. You will then be required to log in or register if you don't own an account.

Microsoft Word (build ≤ 16.0.5317.1000)

The previous versions of Microsoft Office worked differently with web add-ins. These versions do not support some manifest declarations that allow the add-in developer to add controls to the host application (enhance the UI).

For users running a version ≤ to 16.0.5317.1000, the process of activating TermLynx is different.

Step by step:
  • Open your document in Microsoft Word
  • Go to the Insert Ribbon
  • Select the arrow pointing down next to My Add-ins
  • Select TermLynx

TermLynx will now activate in your document.

Please note that if you save your document when TermLynx is activated (visible), Microsoft Office will add metadata to your document. This metadata will make Microsoft Office start TermLynx automatically when opening this document. You can remove this metadata by saving your document with the TermLynx pane closed.

Microsoft Word web client

TermLynx supports the Microsoft Word web client. It works the same way on the desktop, but instead of living in a web view, it lives in a restricted iframe.

The Microsoft Word web client will only upload a document to TermLynx.WebAddin when the user clicks on the refresh button. It does not upload every time the user saves.

TermLynx Viewer

You can connect to the application using a web browser if you wish to use TermLynx without a Microsoft Word client. You must upload your document manually instead of using the Office JS API.

The viewer is an easy way to test TermLynx without using Microsoft Word.

Supported browsers

TermLynx Viewer supports IE11, Edge HTML, Edge with chromium, Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Safari.